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The "Rejuvenate Purpose" Approach.

Because being in line with your purpose generates optimal health, happiness, and flow. If you’re interested in achieving sustainable physical energy, consistent mental clarity, and want to feel like you are on a mission again – learn how acupuncture and ancient alchemical insight can be the key you’ve been looking for.


Peak Vitality

Live more efficiently on the right fuel for your unique body type. Through acupuncture, herbal and dietary therapy, get the revived energy you need to live life to the fullest, even after you’ve set the world on fire. Learn more about special rates on our packages and programs.

Burnout and Stress Reduction

Burnout happens, and it is our body’s way of saying “enough”. Take the reins of your life this time with renewed energy, and empower your mission once again.

Cognitive Health

In a world screaming with distraction, cultivating inner awareness and the quiet mind is essential for total performance and wellbeing. Combining acupuncture, brainwave entrainment, and breath work, discover your unique edge and achieve optimal levels of cognitive health and creativity.




The work of an acupuncturist in these modern times.


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21-Day Revival FAQ

21-Day Revival FAQ Basics

Who can benefit from this?

Anyone who is wishing to boost their energy and decrease stress can certainly benefit. Further, this program was designed with the “burned out” in mind. It is especially beneficial for those who have been experiencing the negative effects of chronic stress – brain fog, low energy, weight gain, poor

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Why are you taking my pulse?

Why are you taking my pulse?

It’s much more than just your heart rate

There seems to be a ritual performed at the start of each treatment, you may have noticed if you’ve received acupuncture in my practice. I check the bolster to make sure it is snug beneath the crease of your knees. I check the table

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How many Treatments will I need?

You’ve heard all about acupuncture from family and friends, and you just booked your first appointment to see if this stuff can help with your nagging back pain that you’ve had for months. You’re also curious because you hear it can help with stress, sleep, and even digestion- all things that can be a struggle for you. You may

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