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About Us

Deyna LibiranDeyna is an acupuncturist in San Diego, CA who began her journey with the intention of bringing wellness to a growing population wishing to integrate traditional medicine into their overall health care. She became interested in integrative medicine after her own health took a nose dive over a decade ago. This encouraged her to make some serious lifestyle changes on her own, eventually leading her to a career through which she could encourage others to live their best lives.

Leading by example has always been a core drive for Deyna, and the lifestyle, dietary, and fitness counseling that she incorporates in the treatment plans are drawn from principles in which she follows herself. To her, empowering patients to take charge of their health is imperative for making lasting change.

Deyna graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. At the start of her career, she received extensive training in the very gentle, yet precise nature of Japanese Meridian Therapy. This is a classical style of acupuncture which relies heavily on objective findings in the pulse, abdomen, and acupuncture meridians to construct the most effective treatment plan for each patient. Currently, she combines classical forms of both Japanese and Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine to best fit the need and comfort level of her patients.

Deyna offers personalized one-on-one care, and her approach is gentle, intuitive, and comprehensive. She is committed to helping you reach your health and wellness goals so that you can live a vibrant life.

Outside the clinic, Deyna is an avid reader, hiker, foodie, retired professional wine snob, and active individual. You can often find her walking around her neighborhood or on the trails with her short-legged miniature Dachshund, Lil’ Pup.

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