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Anxiety and stress-related disorders


Acupuncture for anxiety in San Diego


Acupuncture is a subtle, yet effective medicine that generally works its power over time. Although it is not generally a quick-fix solution, a reduction in stress is often the first noticeable benefit with acupuncture. Some patients even experience an instant effect shortly after the treatment starts, and often leave saying “I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever felt so relaxed.”

So why is it that acupuncture is so effective for anxiety and other stress-related disorders?

It’s all about balance

Stress is a natural response to things that are dangerous and pose great harm. The mechanisms that occur in our body when presented with a dangerous stimulus can serve to protect us. However, once that stimulus is removed, the stress response should return to normal. 

In our current society, it’s common for the stress response to remain active perpetually, even when there is nothing imminently threatening in our path. In fact, over 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety-related disorders., and that number is unfortunately experiencing an upward trend.

Acupuncture works so well for those who experience chronic anxiety because it restores a restful balance in the body. It doesn’t sedate you to the point of being numb or lethargic, but instead promotes a calm and lucid state. 

What is your anxiety trying to tell you?

Anxiety can keep us trapped in a very disempowering and draining state that can potentially lead to a host of other unhealthy issues. As stated above, stress is a signal that there is something harmful and off balance in our external and/or internal world. Regular acupuncture treatment doesn’t only treat the symptoms you may experience with stress and anxiety, but it can also increase your inner awareness. Through this awareness we are able to see more clearly how we can restore balance in our lives. In this empowered state, we can return to our original nature and live our lives with purpose and vitality.


What can we treat?

✔ General anxiety

                                                                 ✔ Panic attacks

                                                                 ✔ Insomnia

✔ Stress-related pain

                                                              ✔ Stress-related digestive upset

                                                              ✔Stress -related fatigue

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