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Why are you taking my pulse?

Why are you taking my pulse?

It’s much more than just your heart rate

There seems to be a ritual performed at the start of each treatment, you may have noticed if you’ve received acupuncture in my practice. I check the bolster to make sure it is snug beneath the crease of your knees. I check the table

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How many Treatments will I need?

You’ve heard all about acupuncture from family and friends, and you just booked your first appointment to see if this stuff can help with your nagging back pain that you’ve had for months. You’re also curious because you hear it can help with stress, sleep, and even digestion- all things that can be a struggle for you. You may

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Spring 2021

As the first days of spring in San Diego bring out confused weather, longer days, and ambitious wildflowers, we can ponder the change of pace between a dark winter, and a new hope for spring.

Emerging from the deep introspection of winter, spring seems to generate a newness all around us. An inspirational blossoming, fresh beginnings, and the

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Goji Berry

A Nourishing “Superberry”

Known as Gou Qi Zi in Chinese Medicine, Goji Berry has been used for longevity and other health benefits since ancient times. More recently, this delectable berry has become known as a “superfood” here in the west, boasting anti-aging, anticancer, and antioxidant properties. It is also suggested that goji berries can boost immunity, improve vision, and

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Winter 2021


Winter is cold.

Winter is storage.

Winter is dark.

Winter is hibernation.

In Chinese Medicine, ideal health can be nourished if we move with the flow of the seasons.

Very briefly:

In Winter we pause.

In Spring we begin to grow.

In Summer we act.

In Fall we begin to collect.

What balances chaos?


So for the

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