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Pain Relief

Acupuncture for pain in San Diego 

Acupuncture is widely recommended and recognized as an effective therapy for pain relief. Most pain-related conditions are now covered through insurance in most states, and an increasing number of medical doctors are referring their patients to acupuncture.

Whether your condition is chronic or acute, acupuncture proves to be reliable time and time again. Although it is common to experience relief quite quickly (often within the first few sessions), acupuncture as a therapy works best over the course of time in order to sustain positive results. In most cases, anywhere from 6-12 weekly or biweekly sessions are required to reach your health and wellness goals.

We empower the body’s natural ability to self-heal

Regular treatment for pain relief aims to reduce the stress-response to healthy levels, ultimately restoring balance. Healing will not happen as effectively if the body is in a continuous state of high-level stress. As a dual approach, acupuncture aids in pain-relief by 1.) effectively contributing to the release of endorphins in the brain, which act as the body’s natural pain-relievers, and 2.) brings your body from the sympathetic nervous state (fight-or-flight) to the parasympathetic state (rest and digest). In other words, it chills you out enough so that your body can actually recover.

Treating the root cause

What does that even mean? Think of it this way – pain is a signal . It is trying to get your attention because something is off balance somewhere. And that can be an imbalance structurally, emotionally, environmentally, physiologically, or a combination of these. We believe that the “root cause” is deeply personal, and different for every individual case. This is why we aim to address more than just “symptom relief”. 

Although one of our primary goals is to reduce suffering, and get you back to where you want to be, we also want to work with you on understanding the “why” behind your condition. By patiently and open-mindedly determining the “why”, we are able to work with the root cause. We find that this is far more effective, longer lasting, and transformational than the quick-fix approach that conventional practices may offer. 

Instant relaxation

Feel like stress is making your pain worse?

When in a chronic state of low to high level stress, the body cannot fully recover, and this can lead to a cascade of negative effects. Acupuncture naturally restores the body’s ability to rest appropriately, and the relaxation effects felt during and after a session can be profound. 

Give it a try, and you’ll know what we mean when we say “acubliss”.

What we treat

Low back pain

Plantar fasciitis

Knee pain

Neck and shoulder pain

Wrist pain

Elbow pain


Arthritic pain


Headache and migraines


** Please note that insurance will only cover a limited number of conditions, which includes pain-related, musculoskeletal injuries. 

We are currently in-network with:

 ✔ American Specialty Health based plans (Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, HealthNet, Sharp)

✔ United Healthcare and Optum

✔ Medrisk (Worker’s Compensation) 

* If you have out-of-network benefits, we can offer you a Superbill that you can submit to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement. 

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