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Spring 2021

As the first days of spring in San Diego bring out confused weather, longer days, and ambitious wildflowers, we can ponder the change of pace between a dark winter, and a new hope for spring.

Emerging from the deep introspection of winter, spring seems to generate a newness all around us. An inspirational blossoming, fresh beginnings, and the natural urge to grow. In nature, we see movement in the animal and insect kingdoms as vernal migrations soar, and plants, flowers, and trees brightly emerge from their winter slumber.  

In Chinese Medicine, being flexible and going with the flow of the seasons is the natural approach to optimal health.

Again, very briefly:

In Spring, we begin to grow

In Summer, we act

In Fall, we begin to collect

In Winter, we pause

Stagnation is the antithesis to spring behavior. Remaining trapped in the introspection and hibernation of winter precludes us from the many opportunities that come with longer days and warmer weather. Spring break often necessitates travel. And within ourselves, we often go about “spring cleaning” in some way, shape, or form. It’s all about movement, being open to new places and ideas, and creating space for the unknown.

Spring is the time to get creative, and to start making plans on bringing that idea you’ve been thinking about to life.  We can observe the bright creativity and growth occurring naturally all around us.

Tap into that energy, and see what happens. After this last year, there’s a hell of a lot of pent up energy and potential. Is there a way to use it to your advantage?

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